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Show Off Your Mason Membership With Pride

Bring the members of your fraternal organizations together with custom goods from Unlimited Choices Greek Boutique in Columbia, South Carolina. Whether you need a Freemason ring or personalized gavels, clothing, Greek gear or accessories, we have it all. In fact, groups, Greek organizations, and others come to us because we carry a large selection of styles and paraphernalia for all OES needs. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, which is why we will find you what you need if we do not have it readily available.

Easter Star Gloves

Organization Of Masons

Celebrate your organization with branded apparel and other items. We print lodge names on t-shirts, golf shirts, and personalize such regalia as:

•Luggage Tags

•Mason Portraits
•Tool Chests

Order Of the Eastern Star (OES)

Some groups require you to have a bloodline in the Mason or Eastern Star and some do not require it. Either way, you can represent your membership proudly in personalized regalia. You can bring us your own item and get it personalized or buy any of the following and have it personalized with us:

•Bibles & Books
•Hats & Official Order Fez Hats (Special Order)
•Ritual Covers & Adoptive Rite Rituals
•Gloves & Umbrellas

•Key Chains & Dog Tags
•License Plates & Car Emblems

Regalia Rates & Return Policy

Come to us for competitively priced merchandise. We also offer a 30-day return policy.

Please keep in mind that we do not accept returns of personalized items.